KIDDS Containerised Storage

We at Kidd's operate fully Containerized warehousing.

How does it work?

This question is asked many times by prospective clients.

Kidds will give you the answer!

Empty containers are lifted onto the vehicle by forklift and are equipped with protective coverings for your cherished possessions. Your items are loaded into the container and a full inventory is taken and signed by you. The container is then sealed at the house and if more room is needed another container will be used following the same procedure.

When all the containers are sealed and the inventories signed the vehicle doors are closed and the driver makes his way to Kidd Park to the main warehouse where the containers are removed by forklift and stored. Kidd park is directly linked to both the police and the fire stations.

Please call in and visit our warehousing complex and you will see the care taken with our clients cherished possessions.

Area Alarm

Kidd Park is fully burglar alarmed and fire alarmed to the Police and Fire Station. All Kidd Park is under surveilance of CCTV.

Security Checked

All your goods are loaded into the containers, and are all sealed and inventered.

Possessions Covered

Empty containers are fork lifted onto the vehicle. Equipped with coverings for your cherished possessions.