Removal Checklist

David Duggleby movers and storers

Kidds are here to ensure that your move is seamless and stress-free — but there are a couple of things we can’t do for you. Use this check-list to make sure you’ve got these covered.

One Month Before the Move...

  • Arrange and confirm the dates as far in advance as possible.
  • Order any packing materials you may require, we can provide everything you might need.
  • Get rid of anything you don’t want, ask about our auction rooms and disposal services.

Two Weeks Before the Move...

  • Update standing orders or direct debits as well as any loan agreements.
  • Complete section 1 of your Driving Licence and return it to the DVLA.
  • Complete the change of address section on your cars registration document.
  • Notify your utility providers and other service providers of your new address, i.e.
    • TV Licence
    • Telephone\mobile phone providers
    • Private Healthcare
    • Pension providers
    • Insurances
    • Local Authorities
  • Start running down fridges and freezers and then defrost them prior to the day.
  • Clear the loft unless we have agreed to do so.
  • Sort out the contents of your garage and drain fuel from lawnmowers etc.
  • Have TV aerials or satellite dishes removed if they are a part of the move.
  • Prepare any plants for transit.
  • Make arrangements for children and pets to be cared for during the day of the move.
  • Settle any accounts with milkmen, papers and window cleaners.
  • Start to pack non-essential items; we can supply removal boxes with room identification markings to make it easy to unpack what you need first at the other end.
  • Set aside an area marked ‘do not move’ for coats, handbags, snacks, tools and cleaning materials.

One Day Before the Move...

  • Empty, drain and disconnect tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers. Ask if you require us to do this for you.
  • If you are packing yourself get everything finished and ready to go.
  • Get some refreshments prepared for the move day to keep you going and plan your evening meal, take-away is a good idea.

Moving Day!

  • Remove all your bedding and make sure it is clearly labelled to allow you to get it straight out again in your new home.
  • If items are going into storage remember to retain any important documentation.
  • Show the removal team around the property and show them anything that is NOT going with you.
  • Before leaving take final meter readings and arrange for the key transfer.
  • Check around the entire property with the removal team to ensure that nothing has been left behind.
  • Get to your new property before the removal team to let them in.
  • Show the removal team around so that they know where things are going; maybe label the entrance door to each room.

If you need any further advice, or would like to book a removal quotation, please contact us on 0800 433 4444, or you can get in touch online.